So WHY did we create this website? And what is it, anyways?

Martin Hoffmann, pipesmoking host of this siteWe are a bunch of happy pipe smokers. And as most pipe junkies, we continue to collect and buy and restore and try and smoke more and more of these beloved pieces of briar...

And we were frustrated.

The best estate pipe bargains are usually on Ebay. Apart from the local flea market.

But we were sick of the tedious task to browse and sift through thousands of listings (and a lot of junk) on Ebay - so we created this website.

It gives us (and YOU!) a convenient and easy way to browse on current Ebay listings of estate pipes. Sorted by pipe makers and brands, by price, or by style.

Only interested in churchwardens? Looking for a high-profile expensive "precious" for your collection? Only want that hard-to-find original Poul Winslow vintage pipe?

It is just one click away.

This site has been up for quite some time now and frankly did not get all the attention that we intended to give it. But it continues to evolve and will offer more and more pipe-related content over time... 

Besides the "store" (please be aware all pipes listed here are NOT sold by us, we just give you a comfortable interface to current offers on Ebay!) you will find:

  • tips, tricks and tutorials
  • some video tutorials, e.g. how to clean and restore a vintage pipe
  • profiles and descriptions of selected pipe makers and brands
  • tobacco reviews
  • pipe-related books
  • famous pipe smokers
  • localised stores for other Ebay sites (right now we include listings only from, we plan to offer stores for UK, Canada, Australia and Germany as well)
  • ...and other stuff, that makes pipe smokers happy, like great music, whisky, and so on...

Be sure to check the blog and to subscribe to our weekly newsletter:

hot picks of the week (so you do not miss that incredible one-time offer of rare vintage pipes when it shows up), new features of our website, tips, tricks and whatever comes to our mind... ;-) of course strictly confidential and NO spam - and you can unsubscribe any time with one click of your mouse!

Now enjoy your stay, bookmark us, and check back often!
Happy smoking! :)

Martin Hoffmann,
the bald guy with the pipe on the picture above and your host on this website.

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