Update Jan 2013: Well guys – the offer below is gone. There was quite some interest, but most just wanted to rip off as many infos as possible to start their own sites, others tried to bargain despite of my more than friendly price – *lol*. So this website is going nowhere – actually it is working better than before for me (average earnings have doubled in 2012…could have been YOUR profit…), so I guess I will just keep it. Happily smoking on – and thinking about giving the site a revamp myself. :) In case you are interested in taking over the site – please read all details below and contact me with a serious offer. Thanks!

As many of you may have noticed, there has not been a lot of change on estatetobaccopipes.com recently. That is not a bad thing in itself – the site works, you guys have a comfortable way of browsing the best estate pipe listings on Ebay, and the website has continued to silently earn me  commissions.

But life is going on, I got a lot of other things to do (like building my ecovillage project, getting my coaching/self-development site up, finishing & publishing a few books… ), and I kinda feel guilty of not bringing estatetobaccopipes.com to its full potential.

So I am willing to sell the site incl. domain name, license for the script used (site is based on BANS “Build a Niche Store” and WordPress & several plugins) and all data/content to someone who can adequately administer it and further develop it.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into the wealthy and passionate pipe smokers’ and collectors’ niche – no matter if you are a pipe smoker who would just love to write about pipes and tobacco and earning a couple bags of tobacco every month, or a professional pipe buyer/seller/maker who would like to have his own advertising platform, complementing his regular activities in this market and adding a little additional (and almost “passive”) income.

Let us get into the details, shall we?


  • established site in a low competition, real-world niche (pipe sales for collectors and smokers)
  • Type in traffic and good search engine positioning incl. many page 1 listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo for several major brands of famous pipe makers. ALL visitors to this site are 100% FREE, I have used no paid traffic sources like AdWords, so all income from the site is pure profit (ok, domain & hosting have to be paid, but that’s all)
  • bunch of loyal regular visitors who have made this site their home for their pipe sales/purchases
  • not limited to one or two keywords, but ranking quite well for lots of combinations / long tail keywords containing “estate pipes”, “collector pipes” and combinations with brand names, e.g. “butz choquin pipes sale” (rank 4 as per today) or more generic like “estate pipes for sale” (rank 2 as per today on google.com).
  • has been generating constant revenue over the past 2 years already, despite my lack of care, linkbuilding and nurturing for the poor site ;-) (see below)
  • revenue was around 135 Euro (about $190) on average per month with several months being around 250-300 Euros from Ebay alone (with only a few hundred page views per day and PR 1!), could be easily doubled or tripled with some improvements and a bit more marketing efforts. Main source of revenue Ebay Partner Network (EPN), additionally some Amazon, a little AdSense/Chitika in the blog and some from a big tobacconist via shareasale.com

To be done (optional, of course):

  • maybe some fresh design, but remember you design for pipe smokers, not the “Internet Marketing” niche, so no fancy nonsense needed…
  • smoother integration of the WordPress blog and the auction listings part. Maybe migrate the auction part from BANS to blogpages created with WordBay or similar
  • more promotion and backlinking. I never felt the need to even set up a Squidoo-lens or HubPage and never did any substantial backlinking via blog comments and such. (and the site is STILL making money already for over 2 years on autopilot!) Very little effort will give you a lot of leverage to improve traffic and rankings for the site. Way easier than in some high-competition niche where you have to build 100s or 1000s of backlinks before seing any effect (if any at all….)
  • integrate some more revenue driving funnels, like regular tobacco reviews, and add some more background articles/relevant content.
  • newsletter / email-marketing. I actually had an opt-in, but never bothered to bother the subscribers with anything. Do so, and you will have even more loyal regular users, and more revenue, of course!

Why in hell would I sell this source of passive income?

I am not a typical webmarketer and only work in niches that are part of my life anyways. Apart from that I am a bit tired of the Google games etc. for any type of niche site – nothing wrong with that if you like it, but my path has been leading elsewhere over the past few years.
Focus for me in the future is on selling my own books and coaching services (self-development, sustainable alternative living) and therefor I indend to pass on my niche sites into friendly and capable hands.

Bottom line:

Absolutely a no-brainer. You get a complete, established online-business (not just a useless domain name or some polished crap site with “high income potential” on an expired high PR domain…) that is already profitable “as is” in a timeless niche that has very low competition and decent potential. estatetobaccopipes.com and the concept behind it has already proven to work – now it is up to you to bring it to the next level!
An experienced Internet marketer can beef the site up in one week so it brings in twice or more, and even a newbie could easily grow it over time just by doing a little and consistant marketing/backlinking and adding a little unique content here and there. And as a pipemaker or dealer you could boost your own sales and Ebay listings by making them “featured listings” (I’ll show you, it is super-easy with BANS) and STILL profit on other listings as well, just like now = additional stream of income PLUS more exposure for your own products/services.

So, sold? Let us see…

What you get:

  • Domain name of course. Registered with namecheap.com, can easily be transferred.
  • all files and current content (SQL dumps etc.) so you can be up and running on your own hosting in less than a day. If you need help with migrating to your server, I can assist you for a nominal fee of 50 USD until everything works like it does now, that even includes stuff like changing the Amazon affiliate links (there are many book reviews in the blog) to yours, etc..
  • legit BANS license included and I might will throw in the license for the plugin that has been posting Amazon.com reviews to the blog on its own (WPRobot). Another 150 bucks extra for you.
  • list of current newsletter subscribers (not too many, since I never did any email marketing, but don’t underestimate them, most seem to be professional buyers/sellers, meaning recurring revenue)
  • Bonus: existing backlinks / blog-button ads on several of my other sites (like elfenwald.org, PR3) will remain for 1 full year – free advertising, worth about 240 Euro alone.
  • Bonus 2: one pipe-related Squidoo-“lens” and two minor free blogs on WordPress.com with pipe-related subdomain, some content, and backlinks to the main site here
  • Bonus 3: extensive mindmap with roadmap, to-dos and content/marketing ideas that I “intended” to implement, will save you a lot of work/thinking… priceless.

And no, you will not have to sell your house (or, heaven forbid, any of your beloved pipes…) for it!


A decent price would be about 3 years worth  of the average revenue, as it is common practice for websites,  adding up to about 4860 Euro or around 6600 USD (depending on current exchange rate).

Considering the fact that I neglected the site a bit during the past months, I am willing to considerably reduce this price and give my baby away for as little as 2800 Euros (about 3800 USD)

NOT selling to domain grabbers, site flippers and similiar scourges of the web – only fellow pipesmokers, where I can see your dedication and feel convinced that my visitors will see a substantial benefit from you running the site in the future!

Payment via Paypal, Moneybookers or Bank Transfer (European banks only).

Offers and questions? Please contact me:
Martin Hoffmann, mh@estatetobaccopipes.com


P.S.: While the site would benefit from a technical overhaul and re-design it can be used “as is” and even a non-technical person can run it, WordPress and BANS are both super-easy to use, no coding skills or HTML knowledge required.

P.P.S.: just saw that the price for this website is lower than that for ONE exclusive collector’s pipe... LOL, well, lucky you…

P.P.P.S.: let my weird grammar and spelling not fool you. I am a German, I live in Paraguay surrounded by people who speak some weird sort of Spanish and even weirder native Guarani, and the language part of my brain is quite messed up… ;-) Does not change the fact that I am a 43 year old former product manager and chief consultant and know what I’m doing… you are not dealing with some unreliable guy from somewhere who is after a quick buck with “domain flipping”, I am selling a real (small, ok) and realistic business here, that I have built over the past years and know inside out.